Sawatzky's Imagination Corporation

Sawatzky's Imagination Corporation is a small family company that specializes in the design and creation of dimensional signs and environments. They tackle projects of any size from small signs to entire theme parks. Their work has garnered numerous national and international awards.


42392 Yarrow Central Road

Chilliwack, BC, CANADA

V2R 5E2

604 823 2216

Dan Sawatzky


Dan Sawatzky is best described as a creative force. He is a visual storyteller extraordinaire. His art career spans more than forty years of magic.  Dan and his crew host Sign Magic and Sculpture Magic Workshops in their studio a number of times each year with attendees coming from around the world.


The Monday after

The day after the busyness of an exciting and action filled workshop is a bit of a letdown. After going full blast through the workshop weekend the crew was a little worn out today, as was I. It was a day to get the shop back into production. The guys worked on wiring the treehouse structure and made good progress.

The KRAKEN was pushed back into the shop for it's last blended coat of paint. The painting crew did great and almost finished the task. Tomorrow after doing the remaining bits on the arms will start in on the glazing. I can hardly wait!

The giant sub is looking pretty spectacular in it's faux weathered coat of paint. As we add the aging and corroded patinaes it will look even better... then we'll ad a few details hat will take it over the top. Stay tuned for the fun...

-grampa dan


Thank you CREW!

The 2014 Sign Magic Workshop is now history. Like the work we do daily in our shop, the workshops we host are the result of the hard work of an entire team. I truly appreciate the enormous effort put forward by everyone involved to make them run so smoothy all the way through. In the house a large team, led by Janis cooked incredibly delicious meals and snacks to indulge us to the absolute maximum possible. In the shop my team made sure everything was in it's place and ready. I had no worries the entire weeekend and could simply concentrate on the things I needed to teach along with giving each student generously of my time. Peter handled the concrete sculpting demonstrations with ease while Becke did wonders teaching the painting techniques all weekend long. My whole family makes me just about burst my buttons with pride.

As always we also enjoyed a guest instructor, Jeff Hartman, one of the authors of EnRoute, the CNC routing software we use. Jeff's easy going style and willingness to spend long hours with the attendees was one of the highlights of the workshop.

We had a wonderful group attend this workshop, coming from as far away as Australia, Georgia, Wyoming, California, Alberta, and various parts of British Columbia. Each and every one and shares their knowledge and experience during the workshop making it even better.

Our job through the wekend was to share our techniques and teach but also to inspire and encourage each attendee in their creative journies. Judging from our guests comments as they left it seemed we exceeded our objectives, thanks to everyone's massive efforts.

Tomorrow we'll put the shop back into production once more, almost an easy effort compared to hosting the workshop, but in three days we'll begin the process once more, just in time to host the Sculpture Magic workshop that begins unofficially on Thursday afternoon.

-grampa dan


Learning magic

It was a ful and exciting day filled with a room full of eager students wanting to soak up all we could offer. We spent time in a classroom setting, time looking at finished projects and time in the workshop with their hands getting dirty. It was a great time so far.

One of the projects we did as a demo piece for the sstudents was Dug the tiki. Peter was in charge of the deminstration and did a great job. Here's a shot of him doing the carving.

the end result was pretty fun!

Tomorrow morning at 8:00 am I unlock the shop doors for another dy of fun and learning.

-grampa dan